Week 4 Summary

This week we finished up our research on respective regions’ stances on the NS2 project and on our Wednesday meeting, discussed steps to move forward.

Blog Posts

Denmark: “The Last Man Standing”… but how long can they keep this up? 

The Danish permit for Nord Stream 2 is still pending. The Foreign Ministry could veto Nord Stream 2, since it passes through Danish territorial waters. Since Denmark has considerable own gas resources, it is not dependent on Russian gas. Denmark opposes to the pipeline due to security concerns and its solidarity with the Ukraine and the Baltics in this matter.

US Sanctions: Update and History 

The US is continuing to threaten sanctions, though none focused on NS2 have been specifically put in place at this time. Even if they were, based on historical context, it is questionable whether they would have any effect.

Mapping Out Scenarios For The Development of a Common EU Policy Towards Nord Stream 2 

Broadly speaking, a common EU policy towards Nord Stream 2 could take three directions: (i) a market-oriented approach that rejects a geo-politicization of the debate and counts on the integration of the European gas markets for ensuring supply security, (ii) a geo-economic approach that puts Nord Stream 2 on hold, uses hard sanctions against Russia due to its aggression on Crimea, and lifts decisions about critical energy infrastructure at the EU’s external borders to an European level, or (iii) a moderate approach that builds on EU-Russian energy cooperation as an important dialogue platform and tackles the supply security concerns of the opposing countries internally.

To Do:

  1. Summary for future blog posts (1 paragraph)
  2. Individual tasks assigned (see below)
  3. Brainstorming about policy options before meeting with Tom
  4. Propose possible names for interviews

The topics that we want to look into this week are:

  1. First brainstorming for what can be done on the EU level
  2. US & sanctions
  3. Ukraine, Russia
  4. Policy Recommendations, Academic Work
  5. V4
  6. Diagnosis, V4 and Ukrainian think tanks

Broadly speaking, we would like to move on from discussion of individual countries or regions and now look into how we can use our existing research to support proposals for a common EU policy framework.

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