Links: On NS2 3dec-19feb19 | Admin pts

reetings aGll! – Three points:

First: I strongly recommend you click on the “Insert read more tag”  after writing two or introductory sentences of any post.  Often a little abstract of a long post is best.

This tag  is located in the post editor bar, just under the word “visual”.  (It’s icon has two horizontal heavy lines, and a dotted line in between, like a sandwich).  Otherwise, your post will fill the entire first page of the blog and people  can’t see  at a glance what the last several posts were, only the most recent one which fills the entire blog page.

In fact, I’m inserting one right HERE!

Second: I have some links I’ve collected the last few months that might (or might not) be of interest re: Turkmenistan.

Here is a link to the html listing, which is on a password-protected part of the class’ website under the “Materials for Students” link, then under “tapi”.

I believe I have given you all the password to this site.  But, I will send it again tonight.

The idea is that there are references which are copyrighted or which I have received from paid subscriptions (to news services, energy-industry journals, etc.) and cannot post publically; but which studens (and our clients working with you) can legitimately access.

If you want to archive and link to such copyrighted material only students and clients can access. Send the article or whatever to me as an attachment (PDF is best, or html), and I will put it there with a title you want, and you can see it and link to it from the blog. But, people will need to know our password to read it, so it  is legal and legit usage.

This particular list I just posted is not copyright restricted, so you can use the links it it in any public post if they are of interest.

BTW: If you want to upload a list like this (to things that are not copyrighted, use the “+Add” button in the editor ribbon and then choose “document” and upload the list, or a text article you might have annotated, or whatever, and then the link can be placed inline in your post.

Three: I will make an additional “Page” for this blog (and at the other blog sites too), called About Our Project.  If people find your research blog, they will wonder what is is and look at this page.  I’ll put the PDF file from the client which gave you your assignmet and some similar things. You can add to it as you please.

Till tomorrow, Tom O’D


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