Week 1 Summary: Research on respective regions

Team Summary

This week we conducted research on the relations of states directly or indirectly involved with the Nord Stream 2 Project. Each group member chose one of the following regions:

Western/Southern Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta)

Islands and BeLux (U.K., Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg)

Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, (+Norway))

Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, (+Switzerland))

Eastern Europe (Baltics, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia)

South-eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece)


Even though we could not meet up in person, we updated each other frequently and also created a folder to share articles.

Reading the articles I found that:

  • Some articles had overlapping information as various states would be involved in a statement or different pipeline projects. Even in a region, each state has its own motives and opinions regarding the Nord Stream 2 Project, whether they are economic, a power struggle, security, or even ecological reasons. Thus, we cannot generalize a region’s intention. For the next step, a mind map regrouping states based on positions regarding NS2 may be beneficial to make things clearer.
  • We need to know past pipeline projects, such as the one cancelled in 2014 to understand the motives for opposing or supporting the Project. A timeline from then may be important as well.
  • Some articles showed the dispute within the nation through different views by political parties.
  • The understanding of the European Commission and its decisions based on EU law would be crucial in constructing a coherent EU policy. Additionally, we must closely follow the elections and the amendments in progress.

Plan for next week:

  1. Prepare for group meeting
    1. Look over articles by other members
    2. Follow up with comments if needed
  1. Group meeting with Ms.Loskot-Strachota
  2. Group meeting afterwards to discuss the direction of the project
    1. Continue researching respective regions based on feedback from the meeting

Last Comments

  • Please reply to this post if you have any specific questions/comments/suggestions on the project so we can discuss them on Monday.
  • The professor suggested we could use tags to easily find past articles.
  • I think it was a good idea to propose a question at the end the article so it would lead to further research for the following week.

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