This is the P2 Theme. Customize it …

Greetings all,

If you go here, you can see how to customize this theme.  It has lots of attributes for easy posting, commenting, etc. in real time right on the page.  You will be able to set up the side columns, etc.

Here is the link to go to: 

P2 is a free Theme.  However, if you think a different choice of theme is more appropriate, pick another.

Feel free to delete this informational post when it is no longer of use; or keep it for future reference.

Tom O’D.


One thought on “This is the P2 Theme. Customize it …

  1. OOps. I had chosen the wrong Theme. I had chosen P2 instead of P2 Classic. My impression is that P2 Classic is the best there is at WordPress for collaborative blogging among the free themes. Again, see what you all think. Here is now the correct place to optimize it

    Also, note that the first reply / comment anyone makes will have to be approved; but then once they have had one approved, their further comments are automatically posted.


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